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Open & Close

We have three different options to meet your customer’s needs.

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Partial supervision of arming or disarming is optimal in most situations. The customer might only need to know that a location is disarmed/open by a certain time each day or armed/closed daily after being locked up for the night. Customers are notified by text when events happen outside of the predetermined schedule.


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Customized Response

Exceptional customer service is one of the building blocks for success with every alarm company. We want your customers to be satisfied with the way we handle their alarms. When an alarm is initiated at the customer’s home or business our operators will take action according to the dealer’s specifications based on their customer’s needs. Southwest Dispatch Center delivers exceptional customer service by providing versatility combined with quick and efficient alarm response times.

Schedule notifications for convenience

Text Message Notification

Text messaging is a fast and reliable means of notifying customers of the information they need regarding the status of an alarm or signal.

E-Mail Notification

E-Mail technology is one of the most effective ways to convey information to the alarm dealer’s customer. Predefined reports can be generated to assist the alarm dealer with information on alarm activity, open close history or any other information that might be needed. These reports can be e-mailed in Microsoft Word or Adobe pdf formats.

Web Portal

Customers are allowed access to predefined information on their account. This can be helpful for a customer that wants the ability to utilize a standard web browser to view account activity or emergency contact information.


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Southwest Dispatch Center dealers are of the highest importance to us. If you have questions for us please fill out the below to help us get those questions answered by our trained staff.