Monitoring Services

At Southwest Dispatch Center we are committed to giving you and your customer the highest level of service. All operators are professionally trained to meet all types of incident handling.Whether its commercial, residential or industrial, our staff will process each alarm or event with the upmost professionalism.

Residential and Commercial


Southwest Dispatch is able to monitor new and existing alarm control panels and follow a tailor-made response process for each customer account. Your company can have the confidence knowing that Southwest Dispatch has a commitment to critical monitoring solutions and offers a vast range of alarm monitoring solutions. We can provide your company with state-of-the-art technologies, rapid and accurate monitoring and exceptional customer service.


Video Monitoring

Provide your customers with the unequaled benefit of live video monitoring of your property.  Southwest Dispatch Center utilizes enhanced services such as video monitoring to follow the direction of technology and give our Dealers the competitive edge.

Whether it is finding who is at the front door, suspicious activity around your property, a record of property theft, or checking on your pets while away from home, installing a surveillance system is your solution.

Having access to your security footage at all times will give you a much needed sense of control over your property and will help you achieve a well-earned sense of security.

Access Control

Get the same customized response as in our digital monitoring for your small-to medium-sized access control systems. Access control systems are becoming more popular for buildings of all sizes, as they help keep sensitive inventory, spaces, and data exclusive to the right people. Access control can be used for exterior gates and doors along your building or property’s perimeter and for interior entryways, elevators, floors, and more. With keyless entry, you control the flow of staff and clients throughout your facility while the security system provides accountability and administration data. Whether you need access control for a single door or multiple locations, eliminating the need of a key can save money for potential future lock changes.

Emergency Phones

We understand to compete in this business you have to offer a variety of services to your customers. Now you can meet all of your customer’s monitoring needs by offering Emergency Phone Monitoring. From the old “hot shot” dialer to the new ADA compliant systems, Southwest Dispatch can meet all your needs.

UL Fire Monitoring

Southwest Dispatch Center is listed with Underwriters Laboratories to monitor any fire alarm. Our listing is UUFX Protective Signaling Services-Central Station. With this type of listing you get the assurance that your Central Station meets all the tough UL requirements.

Two Way Voice

Two Way voice is a premium service that maintains privacy and allows hands free instant access to an operator in a crucial situation. This is an important service designed for special customer security needs.

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