Time Saver Services

We have created many services with the busy Alarm Dealer in mind. We are dedicated to supplying you with the information and assistance you want to be more productive with your time.

Daily Reports

Now when you come in every morning you can have a list of all the previous day’s activity waiting for you in your e-mail box or on your fax machine! Our computer will automatically send this information every day at the same time.

Direct Reports

Southwest Dispatch Center will be happy to save you time by e-mailing or faxing any or all customer reports directly to your customer.

Alarm Factor Reports

Our industry’s biggest concern is false alarms. Every month Southwest Dispatch Center Dealers are sent an Alarm Factor Report.

This report identifies every account that has had a police or fire dispatch in that month, it lists the top offenders and it also ranks the Dealer in comparison with other Southwest Dispatch Center Dealers.

Computerized Forms

We take the guess work out of completing your customer account information forms. We set up time saver templates designed specifically for you to complete on-line and will automatically be sent to our Data Entry department.

Pay Your Bill

Our billing and payment services make life easier for our customers. Pay your bill here safely 24/7.

Mobile/Tablet App

Our BoldNet mobile app to give dealers and technicians streamlined access to accounts. With BoldNet Mobile, users have quick access to common activities such as viewing account status, placing accounts on and off test, and looking up customer information.

You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Southwest Dispatch Center dealers are of the highest importance to us. If you have questions for us please fill out
the below to help us get those questions answered by our trained staff.

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