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Unique solutions designed to assist in retrieving the information that matters most to the Alarm Dealer and their customer.

About Umbo

Umbo is an artificial intelligence company developing a powerful security visual recognition system to protect businesses, their assets, and people.


Using Umbo can drastically reduce the number of nuisance alerts sent to Southwest Dispatch Center and help prevent penalties from excessive false activations.

Send only the events that matter

Real-time alerts when a person / vehicle enters your interest zones

Someone is here

Notifications whenever Light A.I. detects a human within your interest zones.

Vehicle is here (coming soon)

Notifications whenever Light A.I. detects a vehicle within your interest zones.

We offer three different options to meet your customer’s needs.


Beautifully engineered hybrid cloud
security cameras with native AI. The
easiest cameras your customers will
ever install. Get up and running in
minutes. They sip on bandwidth and can
alert from up to 150 feet away

Event Schedule

Partial supervision of arming or
disarming is optimal in most situations.
The customer might only need to know
that a location is disarmed/open by a
certain time each day or armed/closed
daily after being locked up for the night.
Customers are notified by text when
events happen outside of the
predetermined schedule.

Interest Zones

Avoid getting extraneous alerts on
sidewalks and pathways by drawing
Interest Zones. Customers get notified
when someone is trying to climb a wall,
not when someone is passing by.

Customized Response

Exceptional customer service is one of the building blocks for
success with every alarm company. We want your customers
to be satisfied with the way we handle their alarms. When an
alarm is initiated at the customer’s home or business our
operators will take action according to the dealer’s
specifications based on their customer’s needs. Southwest
Dispatch Center delivers exceptional customer service by
providing versatility combined with quick and efficient alarm
response times.

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